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Laying out sod is not easy! So, let our Orange County sod lawn installation professionals do it for you. Often times, homeowners think laying sod down is a cinch, but they find out fast that without the proper techniques the grass will not look good. At Landscape Systems we will take care of putting down your sod lawn for you. We have over three decades of experience in even the most complex of landscape jobs, so sod lawn installation is like second nature to us. If you are in need of a quality sod lawn, you have come to the right place. We offer the best sod installation service in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California.

What is a Sod Lawn?

Sod is a type of grass connected with part of its soil by the roots, and is sold in squares. It is usually used for lawns, golf courses, etc. It is also used by homeowners on their properties to avoid soil erosion and have beautiful lawns in a short time. Sod lawns are currently the most popular type of grass on the market. For anyone looking for a picture perfect lawn as soon as it has been laid, look no further than sod lawns. For sod lawn installation in Laguna Niguel, contact us today!

Sod Lawns Offer a Truly Great Look

The reason why they are so popular is simple – they look great. They are the perfect addition and the cornerstone of any landscaping project. Sod lawns bring a true colour of green that every garden needs. When people invest their money in landscaping, they want to ensure they are getting the best of it. We offer our service and will create perfect sod lawns in OC, so when you take a walk barefoot on a sunny morning on your fresh lawn, you will know your money is well spent. To get a quote on the cost to install sod, call us today! 714-742-7843

Offers a Quick Turnaround

We know how stressful landscaping jobs can get for homeowners, even if it’s a short term work. We can take this burden away by doing it for you. With professional sod lawn installation, you don’t have to worry about it. Once it is installed, you don’t have to wait for another month for seeds to take root. Your lawn is already perfect and even ready for a lawn mower.

Comprehensive Installation

Lawns need irrigation and drainage due to our warm climate. We will not only design, plan and install the sod lawn, but we also offer premier drainage and irrigation systems, so your sod lawn can truly flourish over time. In case you already have some older systems installed, we can combine these and configure it to your new lawn, or replace them. We will adjust all timings and settings for your sprinklers to truly maintain your lawn and bring it to new levels providing you the high standard you deserve. Your new lawn will bring you that nice smell of fresh grass every morning and the quality of it will be superb.

While laying sod can be a do it yourself project, unless you really know what you are doing, getting it done professionally will leave you with much better and longer lasting results. For the best sod lawns in Orange County, call Landscape Systems today! 714-742-7843

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