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Landscape Systems will help you make your yard and or farm beautiful and functional, we offer drainage and irrigation in Laguna Niguel and Orange County, California. Drainage and irrigation is essential if you have agriculture, or if you want your sod to grow well and have a gorgeous green carpet in the front or back of your home. From installation to maintenance, we can work together with you in embedding the proper drainage systems so that your grass gets enough water and no pools of water lay around. For immediate assistance, call today! 714-742-7843

Repercussions of Not Having a Good Sprinkler System Complete with Drainage

Most homeowners try the do-it-yourself approach when installing their sprinkler system. However, they quickly learn fast that this could mean a huge disaster. If the yard’s land is rather flat or slightly recessed, the soil in it may be dense. Thus, without any drainage systems in place, the water from the sprinklers may collect and ruin the entire landscape. Trained OC landscape drainage and irrigation professionals like us know how to avoid this problem. First, start your yard with the perfect sprinkler system complete with drainage and your yard will look gorgeous throughout the seasons.

Most Popular Sprinkler Heads

For the most part, the most popular irrigation heads are stationary pop-ups. However there are two types: rotating heads or rotors and stationary sprays or sprays that do not rotate. Pop up sprays have a nozzle which spray a stream of water while the rotors rotate while spraying their water supply. Nozzles distribute water in patterns that fit the shape of the landscape and yard. These patterns can form a full circle or arc shape, a quarter of a circle or a half circle.

As you know, Southern California can get pretty dry and hot, so be sure to have your sprinkler systems set up so that your plants and grass get plenty of water. The difference is having a brown grass yard versus a nice green yard. We will advise you as to which sprinkler head and system will work best for you. Call our Laguna Niguel drainage and irrigation experts today!

Water Management

Recent drought has forced the government to now issue a fine for over use of water. Landscape Systems knows exactly how to curtail and redirect your water supply so that your yard and your wallet are happy. An incorrectly installed irrigation system could lead to lot of wasted water. For example, if your water pressure is too high, it can cause the water to become far too misty when spread through sprinklers thus not effectively reaching your lawn or plants. Similarly, poor drainage can develop into pools of water staying at the top and never reaching the roots of your plants and or grass. This can lead to a breeding ground for insects, and make your lawn unappealing to walk on.

For the best in Orange County drainage and irrigation, call Landscape Systems today! 714-742-7843


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