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Keeping your landscape well-groomed takes time and energy; this is why many of our customers outsource our landscape maintenance services right here at our Laguna Niguel office in Orange County, California. Our landscaping maintenance will keep your grass and bushes in tip top shape, allowing your yard to showcase its beauty. If your shrubs and foliage are starting to get longer and lose shape, it may be time for us to provide our landscape maintenance services to you.
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What Landscaping Is and Its Benefits

The major components of a landscape include – landform, vertical structures, horizontal structures, vegetation, water, and climate. It also includes aesthetic components such as color, texture, scent, etc. of the landscape. Landscaping is the process of modifying these components for the aesthetic and practical purposes. Landscaping services are not only popular, they offer great benefits:

The Benefits of Landscaping

  • Increased value of property: The better is the landscape of your home or other type of property, the higher is its monetary/financial value. The house with splendid interior but ignored exterior landscape has many times lower financial value as compared to the one with well-maintained landscape.
  • Serene atmosphere: Trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants in your garden take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen; providing you with fresh air to breath. The landscape overwhelmed by comforting colors and textures, and sounds of wildlife and water soothes your mind.
  • Attracts wildlife: Trees, shrubs, flowers attract birds, butterflies, and squirrels. The presence of this wildlife perfects your home. A landscape does not feel soothing and natural as long as it remains unattended by wildlife such as birds and butterflies.

Shields from harsh weather conditions: In winters, trees you planted block cold winds. They absorb the heat from sunlight and keep the temperature inside your home from dropping to low. Similarly, in summers the trees absorb heat from the sun and prevent the temperature inside your home from rising too high.

Our Landscape Maintenance Services

At Landscape Systems Orange County, we provide custom maintenance services that are designed to take care of your yard’s specific needs. Every yard is different and we know that a one-size fits all approach in landscape maintenance works in some cases, and a more custom approach works in others. Depending on what your needs are, be it mowing and trimming grass and bushes, cutting down trees, or simply fertilizing the lawn, we can help. We offer:

-Weed and Lawn Control

-Tree trimming

-Laying down SOD replacing brown patches

-Drainage and Irrigation

-Repairing current irrigation systems or installing new ones

-Landscape Design

Our Landscaping Services are for Everyone

We provide landscaping services for all kinds of property set ups. From large corporate organizations to small offices, from big mansions to small places of residence, from shopping plazas to parks, and others. If you are unsure as to how you want your landscape to look, we will enlist our brilliant team of designers to help you receive a design that is most suitable for your landscape. The design produced, once implemented, will beautify your landscape, making it look extremely appealing to other people and irresistible to buyers. Additionally, we provide maintenance services for the long term. 
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