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If your wall could use stone veneer accents we provide them right here in Laguna Niguel, Orange County California. At Landscape Systems we have been creating exquisite stone veneer wall accents for over 30 years. Stone veneer or stone wall accents are a less expensive approach to using real stone. Used as decorative covering as opposed to using natural stone, it allows a lot more freedom in designs and plans for any walls you are looking to install. Stone veneer looks amazing, and unless you are an expert, you will not be able to tell the difference between it and the real stuff. So why not consider a much more affordable option for any landscape projects you have in mind? Call us for details at: 714-742-7843

Why Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is affordable. Cost is a very important factor for your property’s landscaping project. It dictates what you can and cannot purchase, essentially limiting the designs and ideas that you want to bring to life. If it costs too much, you will have to cutback elsewhere. Should you be under budget however, you may end up adding something extra that you may not have thought possible. So making cost effective choices for certain parts of your renovation is very important.

Stone veneer is the definition of cost effective when it to comes to any sort of masonry work required. As a decorative covering for walls, it can be combined with a concrete mixture to offer the same look as natural stone yet at a much cheaper cost. The reasons it cost far less can be linked to the prices of buying and delivering natural stone. Stone weighs a fair amount, which should come as no surprise. Yet considering the difficulties involved in transporting and delivering heavy materials such as natural stone, it becomes clear how expensive the cost can become. By comparing this to the cost of shipping and delivering stone veneer, it becomes more understandable how savings can be made. As a cheaper alternative, veneer can still be used to achieve a very similar look, but doing so at a significantly lower price. Our OC stone wall experts will create a gorgeous stone wall accent for your wall.

Cost Does Not Effect Style

For many products, when going for the cheaper option, you will be skimping on style and looks. This really isn’t the case with stone veneer, as you can be creative when using it. Many interior and exterior areas of your home can be made to look spectacular with stone veneer work. The shape, texture and colors can be chosen to match the rest of your landscape and or hardscape using stone veneer. You are not importing natural stones that are hard to come by. Stone will never go out of style, it’s been the oldest building material for centuries. Various looks can be achieved using the variety of different stone veneer types which allow for full creative control of your designs.  Stone fits into most all architectural design, both modern and vintage, which means there is a place for it in any project. The fact you can get it for a far cheaper rate than most natural stone makes it a viable choice for most people. The ability to shape, style and tone veneer is far easier than with natural stone, so if you are building a wall that has certain curvatures or angles, it can be done with little to no issues. We can help you plan and decide upon which stone veneer option will work best for you. Call our Laguna Niguel office today! 714-742-7843

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