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Patio areas are fast becoming one of the most popular additions for homes. Our wood patio covers are meticulously made by our Orange County professionals that are Laguna Niguel patio cover and deck specialists. Our deck designers can build above ground pool decks, and will do patio cover designs for you that are durable and beautiful. At Landscape Systems, we follow the latest trends in home additions and offer not only the planning and designing of patios and decks but also the installation of it in Orange County, California. You can be sure we will provide the highest quality work possible. Our craftsmanship has been notable in many communities and our examples of work area will show you a little of what we can do. Call our Patio Cover and Deck Designer today!

Patio Covers in Orange County

If you would like a patio cover built for your Orange County property, you have come to the right place. We have made many functional and aesthetic patio covers in Laguna Niguel, and all over OC, California. Whether you need shade from the sun, a place for parties or a simple protection for your vehicle, we can offer a complete line of – low to no – maintenance covers that will make your outdoor scenery stand out, and keep your items dry when it rains. A patio cover serves as a structure to block both the sun and the rain. It is most often made of cloth, metal, vinyl, aluminium, and may have shingles on top to match the roof. The most common patio cover is the awning; and these can be retractable and move, or are stationary. Awnings that move offer flexibility in different weather conditions, and awnings that stay put shield sun, rain and snow all year around. Patio covers come in various styles and colors and can be put into motion manually or using a remote, or can be a permanent structure. Wood patio covers are highly popular and are one of the preferred forms of patio covers.

Deck Designer Orange County

Decks can make an excellent and highly desirable addition to your home. Wood decking can be used as a part of your landscaping to extend the living areas of houses as well as an alternative to stone patios. Pool decking can be made above ground too. Decks can be made of treated lumber, composite material, aluminium, various woods, recycled high density polyethylene, polystyrene, plastics, wood fiber, and or wood plastic composites. A deck for a home is a wood platform that is suspended above ground and connected to the home or main structure. Generally, there is a railing for safety and an entrance and exit whether it is through the house and out to the yard or from one side of the deck to another. A deck for residential use can also be made to cover slopes or ground that is rough and cannot be used for anything else. Decks are also used on tall buildings for observing scenery as well as indoors in buildings as an urban greenhouse.

Using Patios and Decks to Increase the Value of Your Property

Patios and decks are becoming a new trend and a worthy investment for many homeowners. Plus they offer a large variety of options when it comes to their design. It is well known that even a small investment could add more value to your property, so installing a gorgeous patio cover could be perfect for your home. Landscape Systems has a team of experienced designers, which can help bring your ideas to life. So don’t limit your imagination, the more ideas you have, the better the final product will be. Patios and decks are used for dining, and lounging areas. If you are planning on having a patio cover made for dining purposes, you should consider placing it near the kitchen or an indoor room with quick access to the house. You can place your patio furniture strategically so that one can enter and exit your home and come out to the patio to relax and or eat. Lounging areas may include a sun lounger to relax on, or a fire pit and chairs for entertaining guests. There are many determining factors when choosing a patio cover. Some, for example, want something that is safe for their children; the others may pay attention to the amount of extra space a patio or deck may offer. We offer so many materials and designs that can be combined and make your patio and deck area stand out.

We are here to help you from conception to installation, and any information you have in regards to your landscape idea can help us formulate the best possible design to suit your situation.  So contact us! For the best patio covers and deck designers in Orange County, call Landscape Systems today! 714-742-7843

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